Annual Traveling Wingshooter Forecast

A continued run of favorable weather in many parts of the country has set the table for an outstanding upland gamebird hunting season in 2016. here’s a time to pine for the good ‘ol [...]

First Season Series: Challenges

POINTING DOG POINTERS November 2017 By Bob and Jody Iler In last month’s column, we encouraged you to develop the “eye of the tiger” in your young pointing dog in his first season. Finding birds [...]

Vol. 25 No. 6

A Feeling Like Victory By Tom Davis Decision Time By Steve Smith The Beaten Path By Tracy McClain Photo Essay Tough Everyone Has a Favorite Hunting Buddy By Frank Jezioro The Traveling [...]

Pointing Dog Pointer: The Eye of the Tiger

First Season Series By Bob and Jody Iler For us, the most exciting and rewarding part of gun dog training is to watch that pup that didn’t know anything turn into one that has the “eye of the [...]

First Point Essay: The Day the Fire Ignited

by Jeff Leggio I brought home a male Brittany pup on June 22, 2016, after picking him out of a litter of a dozen from a breeder in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Ned was a very bold, [...]

First Point Essay: Little Green Eyed Bullet

by Arvil Baker, Kentucky Last summer I brought home a seven-week-old chestnut ticked Llewellyn setter. My grandson Finely came to see the new pup.  I said, “Fin, what are we going to name him?”  [...]

First Point Essay: Sonny

by Rick Bohning “You have to hit this bird,” I croaked to my friend Gregg.  Because I knew that when this day came, if it ever came, I would need to watch the dog while someone else shot the [...]

First Point Essay: Pup’s First Point

by Wade Saunders, Oregon It was a warm, sunny day early in the chukar season. I was hunting through some rimrocks high above the Snake River.  I had brought my six-month-old pup along to watch my [...]

2017 Upland Gamebird Hunting Forecast: E-blast updates

By Dave Smith This update to our 2017 Upland Gamebird Hunting Forecast incorporates the results of late summer upland bird population surveys. These surveys measure the recruitment of young birds [...]

Bird Dogs and Yard Work – Timing is Everything!

POINTING DOG POINTERS  By Bob and Jody Iler Just what the heck do we mean by “yard work,” anyway? With pointing dogs, we refer to the basic commands of here (come), heel and whoa as yard work. In [...]

Vol.25 No.5

Strange Days By Tom Davis 2017 Upland Gamebird Hunting Forecast By Dave Smtih GEMS: Michigan’s Grouse and Woodcock Jewels By Drew VanDrie First Point Essays Anticipation of the Season’s First [...]