Annual Traveling Wingshooter Forecast

A continued run of favorable weather in many parts of the country has set the table for an outstanding upland gamebird hunting season in 2016. here’s a time to pine for the good ‘ol [...]

July August 2018, Vol.26 No.4

Features      The Lay of the Land By Tom Davis   Grouse Camp By Jay Hanson   Feast or Famine By Frank Jezioro   Every Dog Should Retrieve By Matt Bluett   West Nile Virus’s [...]

Training the Soft Dog

POINTING DOG POINTERS June 2018 By Bob and Jody Iler In our columns we often talk about “reading” our pointing dog pup. For the novice owner this might seem a bit difficult to do, but there’s [...]

The Magic Bond

POINTING DOG POINTERS May 2018 By Bob and Jody Iler As owners of a bird dog kennel for many years, we’ve always had a number of dogs, keeping two in the house and the others in our kennel. [...]

Obedience Training and Field Work

POINTING DOG POINTERS April 2018 By Bob and Jody Iler Recently we heard from Joe in Kansas City, who is developing his third German shorthair. “She is nine months old now and has had some [...]

Five Tips for Effective Flea and Tick Management

by Lisa Senafe, Bentley’s Pet Stuff, #1 Tick and flea detection and removal Ticks and fleas are a problem that you do not want to get out of hand. Look at your pets coat and skin to [...]

May June 2018, Vol.26 No.3

Something Exalted By Tom Davis   Chukar Country By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.   The Traveling Wingshooter Border Patrol By Gary J. Krukar   Reading Pheasant Hits By Larry Brown   [...]

What’s the Best Way to Train Your Pointing Dog?

POINTING DOG POINTERS March 2018 By Bob and Jody Iler When it comes to the training methods that are used today to develop a pointing dog – we’ve come a long way, baby! With many good videos, [...]

Limits Too Quick

by Steve Smith You turn away from the truck and cut the dog loose. She streaks toward the horizon, which is a long way off because this is the Ft. Pierre National Grasslands, and it’s the opening [...]

First Season Series–Challenges: To Retrieve or Not to Retrieve?

POINTING DOG POINTERS February 2018 By Bob and Jody Iler Last in our series of first season challenges is the issue of retrieving – one that often causes great concern in some of our dedicated [...]

March April 2018, Vol.26 No.2

The Magic of Puppies By Tom Davis Dear Young Hunter… By Jim McLennan Puppy Tips By Steve Del Rossi Will I be a Grouse Hunter, Grandpa? By Frank Jezioro Good Years, Bad Years By Steve Smith Bona [...]