2017 Upland Gamebird Hunting Forecast: E-blast updates

By Dave Smith This update to our 2017 Upland Gamebird Hunting Forecast incorporates the results of late summer upland bird population surveys. These surveys measure the recruitment of young birds [...]

Chukar Forecast 2016: The Traveling Wingshooter

The 2016 chukar hunting story in a single word: Nevada! Once a decade or so, things turn just right with a combination of a mild winter, nice winter green-up, and good moisture throughout the [...]

Desert Quail Forecast 2016: The Traveling Wingshooter

The 2015 desert quail boom materialized, as projected, as a spectacular year for quail hunters in New Mexico. As such, anticipation was high for back-to-back bumper crops of Gambel’s, scaled, and [...]

Sharptails, Huns, and Prairie Chickens Forecast 2016: The Traveling Wingshooter

The sleepers may be the destinations for prairie grouse and Huns in 2016. That prognosis stems from continued dismal sharp-tailed grouse production in North Dakota, the premier sharptail [...]

Bobwhite Quail Forecast 2016: The Traveling Wingshooter

The Texas quail explosion is underway! Habitat plus rain equals quail. Four years ago, at the peak of a horrendous drought, Texas hunters experienced the worst quail hunting imaginable and [...]

Woodcock Forecast 2016: The Traveling Wingshooter

The business of forecasting woodcock hunting prospects in mid-summer took a turn for the worse this year as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the four Flyways moved regulatory [...]

Ruffed Grouse Forecast 2016: The Traveling Wingshooter

Ruffed grouse populations in the Lake States appear to be on the long-anticipated rise in their 10-year cycle. Minnesota’s ruffed grouse spring drumming counts were up 18 percent statewide this [...]

Pheasant Forecast 2016: The Traveling Wingshooter

As reported in the article, 2015 Pheasants Wrap: Trending Up (June/July 2016), pheasant populations spiked up dramatically across most of the range last year, following a healthy increase in [...]

Pheasant Forecast 2015

The Traveling Wingshooter 2015: Pheasant Forecast by Dave Smith   The final 2014 pheasant production scorecard was far better than projected last year in mid-summer, as reported in [...]

Annual Traveling Wingshooter Forecast

A continued run of favorable weather in many parts of the country has set the table for an outstanding upland gamebird hunting season in 2016. here’s a time to pine for the good ‘ol [...]

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