Pages from the Past

POINTING DOG POINTERS By Bob and Jody Iler All good pointing dog trainers keep an open mind and learn everything they can from many other sources. And that includes you – as you consult trainers, [...]

Steady or Not?

POINTING DOG POINTERS  By Bob and Jody Iler Should you steady your pointing dog to wing and shot? A recent text from Jody’s brother John, who has Finer Points English Setters in Pennsylvania, [...]

Pointing Dogs – Water Dogs?

POINTING DOG POINTERS October 2018 By Bob and Jody Iler Some years back, we hunted grouse in Wisconsin, marking our way alongside the high bank of a fast flowing river to our right. A grouse [...]

Chukar 2018 Traveling Wingshooter

The last few years have offered some of the finest chukar hunting in the last three decades. The 2016 chukar harvest in Nevada was the sixth best since 1992, Utah boasted stellar numbers for [...]

Desert Quail 2018 Traveling Wingshooter

The bulls-eye of the U.S. Drought Monitor this summer covered some of New Mexico and Arizona’s better scaled, Mearns’, and, Gambel’s quail country. At first glance, it looks like a tough year for [...]

Pheasants 2018 Traveling Wingshooter

The pheasant picture is one of long-term (CRP decline) and short-term (weather) storylines. The shrinking CRP footprint has been well-documented, perhaps to the point of exhaustion, but the [...]

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