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wdt_ID Article Title Author Name Subject Issue
1 Duke and Mike Fay Craes Favorite Covers PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
2 Pages From The Past: Bird Dogs and Their Habits Forest and Stream October 1912 Larry Dablemont Looking Back/Reflections PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
3 Reflection of Nash Buckingham, A Earl Crangle Looking Back/Reflections PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
4 Trainin' Dogs: When to use an electronic collar Delmar Smith Training PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
5 Training Tip: Backing Dan Mar Training PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
6 Miracle Mollie Everett Skehan Setters PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
7 Versatile Hunting Dog: The Immigrant, The S. Bodo Winterbelt General Interest PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
8 Photo Essay: Prairie Birds and Pointing Dogs - A Prairie Primer - A Pictorial Perambulation Ben O. Williams Photo Essay PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
9 Immunizing the Brood Bitch Dr. Tom Burke Health and Safety PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
10 Bookmarks: Call of the Quail; Hunting and Home in the Southern Heartland: The Best of Archibald Rutledge; Living with Gun Dogs David Henderson Product Review PDJ JAN/FEB 1993
Article Title Author Name Subject Issue


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