Dos and Don’ts

POINTING DOG POINTERS June 2019 By Bob and Jody Iler   Through the years, as pups come into our kennel for training, we may find that some of them also come with problems! One example might be [...]

Yard Work for the Young Pointing Dog

The game preserves are closed and spring has arrived. (On the calendar that is, for as we write this column, we are under a winter storm watch and it is, in fact, snowing.) As we residents of [...]

Choosing the Right Pheasant Lodge

by Steve Smith You may have noticed over the years that we don’t run a lot of articles in this magazine about lodges, pay-to-play spots that other magazines focus on. We do now and then, maybe [...]

Build a Pyramid!

POINTING DOG POINTERS By Bob and Jody Iler This past bird season is over and game preserves will be closing in a few weeks. As you evaluate your young pointing dog’s strengths and weaknesses, you [...]

The Art of Planting Birds

by Bob & Jody Iler  Our clients love their bird dog classes! Not only do they learn to train their pointing dogs with the help of “seasoned” trainers, but sessions are hands-on from the [...]

Pages from the Past

POINTING DOG POINTERS By Bob and Jody Iler All good pointing dog trainers keep an open mind and learn everything they can from many other sources. And that includes you – as you consult trainers, [...]

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