First Point Essay: Little Green Eyed Bullet

by Arvil Baker, Kentucky

Last summer I brought home a seven-week-old chestnut ticked Llewellyn setter.

My grandson Finely came to see the new pup.  I said, “Fin, what are we going to name him?”  Fin was busy looking him over and he said, “Pap, why don’t we name him Little Green Eyed Bullet?”

Fin and I started training Green Eyed Bullet.  We put out pen-raised quail to let him point and chase them.  There is nothing like having a five-year-old grandson to help train a dog.

Fin would say, “Pap, watch him do this,” and “why don’t he follow me,” and I think he likes me.”  We were a real team at dog training.

A few more weeks went by and the season opened in Kansas.  Green Eyed Bullet was five months old by now, and I was ready to let him see what wild birds were like.  We pulled up to the edge of a weed field and let the pup out of the truck.

I was still getting my gun and vest and Arlie, my brother, said, “He’s already on point!”  I turned and sure enough, right at the edge of the gravel road was Green Eyed Bullet, standing like a statue, such a beautiful sight! I walked over in front of him, and it was a royal flush of about 20 birds.

I see a beautiful friendship beginning with me and Little Green Eyed Bullet.

The author, his grandson Finley, and his dog Bullitt.

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