May June 2019


Quail or No Quail

By Tom Davis


Is the Lodge Life for You?

By Steve Smith


The Future of Ruffed Grouse

By Dave Smith


Hunting with a Loaner

By Gary Krukar


On Edge

By Jon Osborn


Conservation and the New Farm Bill

By Greg Hoch



Favorite Covers: Jake

By Bob Bertram


The Vet’s Office

A plethora of puppy problems.

By Dr. Ben J. Character


Gun Dog Forum

Pheasant dogs.

By Larry Brown


Western Wings

High plains Huns.

By Ben O. Williams


The Gun Room

Don’t neglect the off-season.

By Steve Smith


The Versatile Hunting Dog

Creeping on point and lackluster retrieving.

By Chuck Johnson


Trainin’ Dogs with Rick Smith

How fast can a dog learn?

By Rick Smith & Sharon Potter


Eastern Encounters

Fix the nuisance behavior now.

By Tom Huggler


Problem-Solving Bird Dogs

Switch hitting.

By Craig Doherty


et al.

Subscriber Photos

Subscriber Forum

Your Dog & You

Fixing problems.

By George Hickox


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