March/April 2020


The Role They Play
By Tom Davis

The Good, the Bad, and the Best
By Tom Keer

Will Bird Migrations Start Changing?
By Steve Smith

Montana’s Fire Birds
By Scott Linden

A Boy’s First Hunt
By Steve Smith


Favorite Covers
By Larry Costigan

The Vet’s Office
Skin mites.
By Dr. Ben J. Character

Eastern Encounters
Your questions deserve answers.
By Tom Huggler

Gun Dog Forum
Ten things to do in March.
By Larry Brown

Problem-Solving Bird Dogs
Pigeons are the solution.
By Craig Doherty

The Gun Room
The complete battery.
By Steve Smith

Western Wings
Nevada Huns.
By Dave Smith

Trainin’ Dogs with Rick Smith
Using birds in training.
By Rick Smith & Sharon Potter

et al.

Your Dog & You
False expectations.
By George Hickox

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The Way It Ought to Be
By Spaulding Hoffhacker

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