Vol.12 No.2

March/April 2004
Volume 12, Number 2

Pointing Dog Journal Issue Archive Vol 12 No 2Features

The Art Behind The Art of Remington Arms
by Tom Davis

Her Name is Sweetie
by J.L. Claridge

Saying Good-bye
by Web Parton

Rescuing the Hunter
by Archy E. Wiseman

Congenital Heriditary Deafness in Setters
by Mary Hufford

Tip ‘Em Over
by Dr. John Heim


Favorite Covers
by Larry Chandler

Trainin’ Dogs with Rick Smith
by Rick Smith & Sharon Potter
The figure eight.

Eastern Encounters
by Tom Huggler
Cape May and the woodcock conundrum.

The Gun Room
by Larry Brown
The vintage gun revival.

The Versatile Hunting Dog
by Chuck Johnson
German wirehaired pointer: The all-around sporting dog.

Western Wings
by Ben O. Williams
Big bobs and small Huns.

Gun Dog Forum
by Larry Brown
Pointing dogs and group hunts.

The Vet’s Office
by Dr. Ben J. Character
Hip tips.

Et al.

Training Tip
by George Hickox
Training hand and whistle commands.

Looking Back
by Gary Lockee
Wayriel Allegheny Sport.

Pro’s Tip
by Bob Olson
Auto backer to retrieve?

Pro’s Tip
by John L. Rogers
Remote control bird release.

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The Way It Ought to Be
by Spaulding Hoffhacker

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