Vol.15 No.2

March/April 2007
Volume 15, Number 2

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Pointing Dog Journal Issue Archive Vol 15 No 2Features

Wolves at the Door
by Tom Davis

I Think I’ll Go Out to Alberta
A Photo Essay by Jim McLennan

Hunting Dog Ingredients
by Joe Schmutz

Maximize Your Preserve Experience
by Ed Hoenschied

Will This Be a Bird Dog?
by Frank Jezioro


Favorite Covers
by Robert Bertram
Sibling rivalry.

Trainin’ Dogs with Rick Smith
by Rick Smith & Sharon Potter
Socialization, not indulgence.

Eastern Encounters
by Tom Huggler
Time to train.

The Gun Room
by Craig Kirsch
A home for wayward shotguns.

The Versatile Hunting Dog
by Chuck Johnson
It takes birds to make a bird dog.

Western Wings
by Ben O. Williams
Comes the snow.

Gun Dog Forum
by Larry Brown
Is a rare breed for you?

The Vet’s Office
by Dr. Ben J. Character
The Dog Hack.

Et al.

Training Tip
by George Hickox

Looking Back
by Gary Lockee
Lady’s Count Gladstone.

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Subscriber Forum

The Way It Ought to Be
by Spaulding Hoffhacker

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