Vol.9 No.4

July/August 2001
Volume 9, Number 4

Pointing Dog Journal Issue Archive Vol 9 No 4Features

Gourmet Grouse
by Tom Davis

Mold the Drive, Hone the Skills
A Photo Essay by Dale C. Spartas

Primer for the Casual Field Trialer
by Frank Jezioro

Pointers in the Moors
by Vic Barlow

And the Bird World Changed… Dog Food for Bird Dogs
by Ryan Frame

Plucking Porkie’s Prickly Plumes
by Dr. Phil Maloley

It’s a Bad Night
by Archy Wiseman


Favorite Covers
by Diane Ubelhor-Wunderlich
On Point.

Trainin’ Dogs with Rick Smith
by Rick Smith & Sharon Potter
Prep training the first year.

Eastern Encounters
by Tom Huggler
There are no rubber ducks on a dove hunt.

The Gun Room
by Larry Brown
“I stoned that ringneck at an honest 60 yards!”

The Versatile Hunting Dog
by Chuck Johnson
Training your young bird dog: Use of nose.

Western Wings
by Ben O. Williams
Thinking like a desert quail: Let them run.

Gun Dog Forum
by Larry Brown
The pointing dog as retriever.

Veterinary Q&A
by Charlie Powell
Canine hip dysplasia today.

Et al.

Trip Report
by Steve Smith
Fitch Farms.

Tips from the Dobbs Training Center
by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs
Questions about obedience.

Pro’s Tip
by Web Parton
Where’s the doggone dog gone?

Looking Back
by Gary Lockee

Subscriber Photos

Subscriber Forum

The Way It Ought to Be
by Spaulding Hoffhacker

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