September/October 2019



Winged Buffalo of the Sage
By Tom Davis
The Traveling Wingshooter
2019 Upland Gamebird Forecast
By Dave Smith
Singin’ the Blues
By E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
So… You Want to Be a Woodcock Hunte
by Steve Smith
Grouse & Grouse
By Frank Jezioro



Favorite Covers
By Brett James Smith
The Versatile Hunting Dog
A pup’s first hunting year.
By Chuck Johnson
Problem-Solving Bird Dogs
Checking in.
By Craig Doherty
Western Wings
The lawless mountain quail.
By Joe Gower
Gun Dog Forum
Pick your spots…and your dog’s.
By Larry Brown
The Vet’s Office
A pain in the neck (and back).
By Dr. Ben J. Character
Eastern Encounters
After the hunt.
By Tom Huggler
The Gun Room
Is there a do-it-all shotgun?
By Steve Smith
Trainin’ Dogs with Rick Smith
Making the team.
By Rick Smith & Sharon Potter


Et Al.


Subscriber Photos

Subscriber Forum
Your Dog & You
Opening day refresher.
By George Hickox
The Way It Ought to Be
By Spaulding Hoffhacker

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