Vol.22 No.5

Vol 22 No 5
September/October 2014


Snatching Victory
by Tom Davis

What Are They Eating?
by Frank Jezioro

My Respects to Mr. Bob
by Gene Hill

Prairie Pointers
by Scott Winston

The Flight Is In!
by George Bird Evans

Red Dawn
by Craig Doherty

The Traveling Wingshooter
2014 Upland Gamebird Forecast
by Dave Smith

Locating Cover
by Steve Smith


Favorite Covers
by Eldridge Hardie

Trainin’ Dogs with Rick Smith
by Rick Smith & Sharon Potter

The Gun Room
by Steve Smith

The Vet’s Office
by Dr. Ben J. Character

Gun Dog Forum
by Larry Brown

The Versatile Dog
by Chuck Johnson

Western Wings
by Ben O. Williams

Eastern Encouners
by Tom Huggler

et al.
Subscriber Forum

Subscriber Photos

Training Tip
by George Hickox

The Way It Ought to Be
by Spaulding Hoffhacker

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